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Mapping What Was Familiar 

"As I wallow through willows, these wonders of wreckage, rust and rubble, these detritus plateaus, I dwindle. Emulsion gathers this wordless vista. All worlds within one wrinkle, one grotto, one bedrock, one marrow, one occipital bone. All summarized in a scrimmage with tide, time, tempo. The ego vanquishes when eye is witnessed, a watcher of the world. These instants, they fade as I feed them, as will weaken the notion which shaped the unfinished, the forlorn and forgiving, the worn and nonliving. Eye meet eye, eye see surface, eye a surface, surface an eye. I an eye. I a surface. I surface as I. Eye surface as I."

Artist book

Text by Kristian Skylstad

Part of Periferi series published by CFF 
14,8 x 21 cm


The publication can be bought through CFF Stockholm here

Mapping What Was Familiar 1.jpg
Mapping What Was Familiar 2.jpg
Mapping What Was Familiar 3.jpg
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