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«(...) nå er det ensomt, og ensomheten den er sår også er den flott.»

Dypvannsfisk is a story about an older woman living on the same farm as her divorced husband. Here they live in two separate houses, don't speak to each other, but share a mailbox. The woman tells about their shared past and her now solitary existence. The narrators personal stories revolves around time, gender roles, absence and presence in immediate family relations. 

Previously shown at:

Statens kunstutstilling, Høstutstillingen, 2021

Kunstnernes Hus 11.09 - 17.10 

National video exhibition tour curated by DNJ/Høstutstillingen, 2021 - 2022 

Asker Kunstforening, Grimstad Kunstforening, Hvaler Kunstforening, Mosjøen Kunstforening, Neadalen Kunstforening, Odda Kunstforening, Osterøy Kunstlag, Sande Kunstforening, Steinkjer Kunstforening, Tingvoll Kunstlag, Trondhjems Kunstforening, Volda og Ørsta Kunstlag, Voss Kunstlag and Gloppen Kunstlag

Sørlandsutstillingen, 2020

Arendal Kunstforening 22.08 - 20.09

and Skiens Kunstforening 03.10 - 07.11

Included in Nasjonalmuseets video art archive, 2022

Awarded Sørlandsutstillingsprisen, 2020

Excerpt 00:45 min of 08:37 min

(Video In Norwegian)

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